Esperanza Pier

The Great Pier emanates a historic adventure of our people. It is the oldest pier we have on our island with 86 years of existence since it was built in 1927. Walking over the boards is walking on the history of the sugar era on the island of Vieques. One of our greatest traditional quotes originated on the pier, in Esperanza we say “Estas mas tristes que Geny en la punta del Muey” (Translation: You’re sadder than Geny at the end of the pier”. Geny was a Frenchman who came to Vieques in the early twentieth century, in the afternoon he would sit at the end of the pier to think, there the man who fluently spoke seven languages served as an interpreter to the immigrants who arrived from the diverse Caribbean islands.

At the great pier many years of the sugar production years runs and walks across it’s board, one goes and remembers the sugar cane that once was transported there. Below The Great Pier Below, a great snorkeling sport exists allowing you to see the fish and get shelter under the history of an era that marked the sugar industry in Vieques. A The Great Pier there’s fishing, our people sit and watch the sun set, you feel dispersed and you may swim jumping off the tip of the pier, fish are observed, as you sit, you see the steps of time and the history of our people.